c o n t e n t
This site contains information on my current collection of NIN memorabilia. Please note that although this is intended as a guide for collectors on the official releases, there are a few items described as 'unofficial items of interest', which were bought mainly out of curiosity.
t h e---r a r i t y---s c a l e
The rarity scale is based on the perspective of a collector (myself) living in the UK, with internet access and a frequent visitor of ebay. It's likely you'll come across an import considered rare by me, but is easily found by someone who lives in that country. Therefore, the rarity scale should be taken as a guide only and for the case of the imports, is obviously more accurate for other collectors living in the UK. Furthermore, please note that over time an item / items rarities will likely alter drastically, and while attempts are made to keep the rating reasonably accurate please understand this is quite difficult to maintain.
hope you find this site useful. Thank you for stopping by ...